Development of Glaciological Researches of Georgia by Using Remote Sensing Method


Financed by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation

Project Principal Investigator: Levan Tielidze

Project duration: (2014-2015)




For the conducting research of glaciers by state of the art method it is important to command cutting-end methods and implement them in our country.  

In glaciological research large experience was gained over 20-th century, but remote sensing method heve never been used before. This method  is ideal for annual monitoring of glaciers, determing thier quantity, exposition, height above mean sea level, morphological types and current climate change development. All above mentioned works will be implemented in the framework of this project, which makes uniqueness of this work.   

The most importance of using remote sensing method in research of glaciers makes the fact that field expeditions in temporarily occupied Tskhinvali and Abkhazia regions is not possible for us yet. To determine above mentioned parameters and all necessary information for the glaciers located on these territories will be implemented by using this method.  For the minimization of errors will be compared glaciers of these territories to other analogue morphological type glaciers of Caucasus and by the extrapolation will be defined information gained during the research conducted before.

Information gained by above mentioned mehod can be used in future as a model for detemine the quantity, morphological types, dynamics of glaciers of Georgia, evolution of glaciation and other glaciological information.