Glaciological Catalogue of Georgia AR/151/9-102/13


Financed by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation

Project Principal Investigator, Dr. Ramin Gobejishvili

Project duration, 24 months (2014-2016)


since 1960 years the number and area of glaciers in Georgia has not been identified, as well as their exposition, morphological types,  elevation above sea level and other glaciological parameters, therefore,  the aim of the project is to determine the number and area of glaciers and to determine the dynamic of glaciations in XX century and in the beginning of XXI century, to determine and reveal the correlation relations, on the one hand, among the glaciers’ morphometric features (area, tongue length, average height, snow line height) and on the other hand, among the mean annual temperatures and the sums of positive temperatures, which will help us to determine the interrelation between the glaciers’ fluctuation dynamics and global warming.

The final result of the research will be the creation of Georgia Glaciers (glacilogical) catalogue, which will be  billingual - Georgain-English   and it will include the glacier maps of 1 : 50 000 scales according to the following river basins    - Enguri, Rioni,  Bzipi, Kodori, Tergi, Liakhvi, Asa, Arghuni, Pirikita Alazani and Aragvi. The Catalogue will be of high scientific level and it will includ the newest information. It will be  illustrated by maps, digital three-dimensional models of glaciers and photo materials. Monograph on Glaciers of Georgia will be prepared and published at the last stage of the project.