The Study of the Glaciers of the Tergi River Basin on the Background of Modern Climate Change, Paleo-Glaciological and Paleo-Geomorphological Reconstructions of Late Pleistocene and Holocene


Financed by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation

Project Principal Investigator: Levan Tielidze

Project duration: 2013-2014

Digital model of the Tergi River Basin will be created in the Geo-Information Systems. It is supposed both, to create its relief’s models of different scales and GPS-survey of the most important geographical, geomorphological and glaciological object or phenomena with their affixation on the digital model. Also, with the help of the obtained model of the relief the retreating scales of the glaciers and the distribution areal of the old moraines will be identified since Late Pleistocene until the present. Scales of the latest stage glaciations will be reconstructed, the moraines of the same age will be surveyed and their distribution areal will be affixed on the digital model. Respectively, the glacier’s retreating index of the length and area will be specified from this period. Within the Project the of current and available aero-space and aerial photo images of the period from 1950s to present days will be decoded and thus the glaciations dynamics of the last 70 years will be specified in more details.

As I have mentioned, the digital model of the relief of the Tergi River Basin will be created, as well as the glaciers database (model) of different years since 1810 (the last stage glaciations) – until the present in the Geo-Information Systems’ (GIS) programs, and the database of important geographical or geomorphological objects, that can be become the basis for the creation of geodatabase of the different river basins of Georgia. The obtained results will be published in the Internet, in the website of the TSU Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography and interested persons will be able to download any information regarding the glaciers and other geographical elements, as well as the maps and data base, in the relevant formats.

 During the Project implementation we will get in contact with our international colleagues and hold the Workshops (as far as possible), thus they will be interested in such researches in Georgia;  the obtained field data will be exchanged with the world’s different Scientific Centers of glaciological profile.

My experience gained as a result of participation in the expeditions conducted in the high mountainous zones (in the individual glaciers) in the last period (2004-2012), as well as knowledge of modern technologies of field and office researches, gives me the opportunity for Project’s real implementation.