The Glacio-Geomorphological Study of the Glaciers of Georgia on the background of Modern Climate Change


Financed by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation

Project Principal Investigator: Levan Tielidze

Project duration: 2013-2014

Digital model of glacial basins will be created in geographical informational system (GIS) in the framework of the project. Here is mentioned as creation of different scale relief models as plotting of all significant geographical, geomorphological and glaciological objects and phenomena by GPS and their mapping on digital model. According to this relief model scales of glacier retreat from the Late Pleistocene until now and areas of old moraines extension will be determined. The restoration of last stadial glaciation scale, plotting those period moraines and mapping of their extension areas on digital model will be implemented. The glaciers shrinking indices as their length as well as volume will be specified. In the framework of the project from 1950 until now, existed and available satellite and aerial images interpretation will be made. Glaciation dynamics of XX-th century and the beginning of XXI century will be determined. Correlation link between glacier morphometric features (volume, length of tongue, mean height, firn line height), also between average annual temperatures and positive temperature sums on the firn line height will be defined. According to them interaction between dynamics of glaciers fluctuation and modern change of climate will be determined.

For some large glaciers animation map in GIS system will be created. The territory for glacial park of Georgia will be selected and scientific proof for tourist purposes will be made. Workshop with foreign colleagues will take place and they will be acquainted with current study. Gained data will be exchanged with different glaciological profile scientific centers. Paper will be published in high-ranking foreign scientific journal.

As above was mentioned digital models for  glacier basins relief and  data base of glaciers from 1810 till now will be created in GIS program. Significant geographical and geomorphological objects data base will be compiled, which can be basis for the creation of different river basins data base of Georgia. The obtained results will be published on the  web-page of TSU Institute of geography and interested parties will be able to get information and maps related to glaciers.