Migaria limestone massif survey


Speleo-expedition of Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography together with the Lithuanian speleo-divers carried out the significant speleological works in the speleo-objects of Ko (Mukhuri),  Shurubumu and career caves (Chkhorotsku region) located within the Migaria limestone massif, also in the Intsra  gorge ( Morozha River basin) located in the southern periphery of the Kvira limestone massif (Tsalenjikha region), as well as  in the Askhi massif, in the speleo-objects located in the Tsachkhuri River basin (Martvilis region)  in the south-west slope of Tsekelda range and in the vicinities of Sakharbedio village of Senaki municipality.

They managed to swim through the 100 m long and 32 m deep water angled corridor with the aqualungs. After cleaning the bottom of the cave from the rockslides it is expected to further continuation of the cave. Continuation of underwater works in the caves marked by the Georgian and Lithuanian researchers is planned for the summer season of the current year.