George Khomeriki


2009-present - IB Europe - Caucasus University,s Doctoral course. Doctoral program in Political Science (International Relations and National Security).

1968-1973 - Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty if Geography - Geology. Specialty - Economic Geography.


Work Experience:

2011 - present - TSU Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography, Department of Human Geography. Researcher.

2007-2011 - IB Europe - Caucasus University.  Assistant Professor; Director of the Examination Center; Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences; Dean of the Faculty of Psychology.

2006-2007 - Mass Media and Public Relations Institute. Dean of the Faculty of Public Relations; Head of the Quality Assurance Service.2002 - present - The Association of International Relations. Chairman of the Board.

1996-2006 - ESM-Tbilisi, Higher Educational Institution. Supervisor of the Geopolitics course.

1993-2006 - The Technical University of Georgia, Humanities - Technical Faculty. Head of the Educational Process; Deputy Head of the Department of International Economic Relations; Head of the Department of International Economic Relations.

1989-1993 - Center for Archaeological Research of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Junior Research fellow.

1995-1996 - Elementary School of Business. Director.

1982-1989 - Museum of History, Head of the Department.

1974-1982 - Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Laboratorian.


Research Projects:

2009-2011 - Potential of Natural-Tourist Resources of Kvemo Kartli and Javakheti: Evaluation and Perspectives of its Application. № GNSF/ST08/5- 429, Georgian National Scientific Foundation, Main Staff, Economic-Geographer.



During the last 10 years:

2010 - Introduction to Tourism. Tbilisi.

2008 - Tourism. P/H of Georgian Technical University. Tbilisi.

2008 - Perspectives of Development of Speleotourism in Georgia and Objectives of Geography of Georgia. Scientific article. Journal - “Caucasus Geographical Journal”. Tbilisi, TSU.

2007 - Georgia’s Karst Caves as an Important Tourist Resource. Scientific article. Journal “Geography of Georgia”. Tbilisi, TSU.

2004 - Geopolitics. ESM-Tbilisi. Tbilisi.

2002 - State Politics: Introduction in Specialty. Handbook. Tbilisi, Georgian Technical University.  Co-authors: Baghaturia G., Tsintsadze A., Kokrashvili K., et al.



1995, 2-21 March - Training of Trainers Seminar on “Experiential Training Techniques for Organizational Development”. USAID, Tbilisi Business School.


Participation in professional organizations:

2010 - present - Co-founder and the Chair of the Union of Research-Geographers of Georgia.


Contact Information: