A new monograph on "Monitoring of glaciers on the background of climate change"




Hydrometeorological observation materials obtained during the field study in some of the glaciers of Georgia (Zopkhito, Chalaati) and their analysis is presented in the works. Glaciers’ dynamics against the background of modern climate change is considered widely in the monograph. The evolution of glaciation in Upper Pleistocene and Holocene is given, which allows the paleoclimatic and paleohydrological reconstruction. An opinion of creation of the glacial park in Georgia is expressed.

Authors: Ramin Gobejishvili

               Levan Tielidze

               Nino Lomodze

               Alexander Javakishvili


This project was financially supported by the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. Grant № GNSF/ST08/05-453.