Sioni Permanent Establishment



The training-research permanent establishment of Sioni settlement was established in 1972 by a great effort of Theophane Davitaia. Meteorological observations were carried out by the Chief Engineer Garsevan Kurdghelaidze and the maintenance staff assisted him (4 guards). Ilia Apkhazava, the Candidate of Geographical Sciences, was responsible for the methodological advice of the permanent establishment and during 1980-85 - Vladimir Gvakharia, the Candidate of Geographical Sciences. In 1977 Giorgi Chanhashvili, the Candidate of Geographical Sciences, was appointed Head of the permanent establishment, who led it until 1983. In 1983 the permanent establishment was managed by Tengiz Lashkhi, the Leading engineer, who worked until 2006. Since 2006 the hospital is headed by Givi Gagua, the Academic Doctor of Geography.