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1979 - The title of senior research fellow.

1971 - PhD in Geography. Dissertation Topic: “Agroclimatic Resources of Agricultural New Products Continuous Production in Georgia".

1966-1969 - Postgraduate studies. Vakhushti Bagationi Institute of Geography. Research supervisor - Acad. F. Davitaya.

1960-1966 - Tbilisi State University, with honor. Qualification of Engineer - Meteorologist.

1957-1960 - Vani Agricultural technical school, with honor. Qualification of Junior horticulturist - agronomist.


Work Experience:

Since 2012 - Chief  Specialist, Department of Hydrology - Climatology.

2006-2012 - Head of the Sioni Educational-Scientific Permanent Establishment.

2004-2006 - Head of the Laboratory of Climatology.

1989-2004 - Head of the Department of Climatology.

1976-1989 - Senior Research fellow, Department of Hydrology - Climatology.

1971-1976 - Junior Research fellow, Department of Hydrology - Climatology.

1966-1969 - Postgraduate studies at the Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography.

1962-1966 -  Laboratorian. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Department of Hydrology - Climatology.


The scientific work abroad:

1973-1975 - Republic of Cuba. “General Scheme of the Country,s Economic Development". Chief Engineer.


Research Grants:

2004-2005 - Climatic - landscape analysis of the mountain zones of Georgia and their environmental assessment". Research Director. Grant № 5-20-04 of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia.

2002-2003 - “Desertification Process in Georgia". Research Director. Grant № 5-17-02 of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia.

2000-2001 - “Geographical aspects of the aridity problem in the eastern Georgia”. Research Director. Grant № 5-12 of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia.


Introduced works:

1990 - (Co-author), "Climatic Characteristics of Georgia According to the Administrative Regions". Map (1: 600, 000). ,,Productive Forces and the Natural Resources Study Commission" notice (01.11-942/94).

2003 - Cultivation of Olives and Fruit-Tree Cultures in the Lands of Alaverdi Eparchy. Patriarchy - a letter of the Metropolitan from Alaverdi (26.12).


Scientific papers:

2 monographs (1 with co-author), 110 articles (in Georgian, Russian, Spanish, English)
and 28 climatic and agroclimatic maps.

Contact Information: