Study of Tskaltubo (Kumistavi) unique Cave System and adjacent speleoobjects and perspectives of their economic use



The Project was financed by the Georgian National Scientific Foundation (2006-2009).

“Cadastre of the Caves of Georgia” and “Tskaltubo Cave System” were been published within the grant.

 On basis of recommendations of our experts the accomplishment of the  Tskaltubo Cave is underway. 


Entry of the Ghliana Cave connecting to the Tskaltubo Cave at a distance of 200 mete

Tskaltubo Cave, “Eleganturi” (Elegant), melted forms

Tskaltubo Cave, one of the fragments of the hall of “Gamarjveba” (Victory)

Tskaltubo Cave, “Urchkhulis khakha” (Monster’s Jaw)

The ancient stalagmite of the Tskaltubo Cave

Separating wall of the hall of “Tskaltubo”