Potential of Natural-Tourist Resources of Kvemo Kartli and Javakheti: Evaluation and Perspectives of its Application – № GNSF/ST08/5- 429


The project has been implemented as a Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation-funded research project, which began in 2009 and finished in February, 2012. The employees of the Departments of Geomorphology and Human Geography of the Institute of Geography were involved in the project. All of the basic tasks have been carried out: survey of the natural and anthropogenic landscapes, as well as the natural and historic sites has been conducted; natural- tourist regions, zones and subzones have been distinguished; the large-scale maps and charts have been created; a large amount of photos and video materials have been collected, according to which the documentary video films on Kvemo Kartli and Javakheti natural - tourism potential were created.


Scientific conferences related to the project topic have been held in Rustavi in 2010, in Dmanisi in 2011 and in Akhalkalaki in 2012, in which the project key personnel participated, as well as the representatives of Akhalkalaki, Tetritskaro and Dmanisi administrations, Dmanisi Cultural Center and society. The scientific video-films, created according to the factual materials, photo and video-documents collected during the survey period, were presented at the conferences.