Present Geoecological Condition of Kakheti Region and Ways of its Development – №GNSF/ST08/5-438


Department of Geomorphology studies the modern exodynamical processes and the natural disasters developed due to those processes at the Kakheti Research-Educational Station, as well as the reasons of their occurrence and elaborates their preventive measures. Research works on the topic has been started extensively since 2006 and are underway even today. Since 2010 the topic is documented as a part of the research themes of the Department of Geomorphology. Research project of the similar content has been implemented by the funding of Rustaveli National Science Foundation during 2009-2012.


Results of the study were reflected in the quarterly research reports, as well as in the project participants reports, presented at the scientific conferences held at the Institute of Geography (2010), Telavi State University (2011) and Kvareli municipality (2012). Except the project participant the representatives of the Ministry of Environment Protection, Telavi State University and teachers of Kakheti region participated in the conferences. The scientific video-films created according to the factual materials, photo and video documents collected during the survey period, which reflect the results of the exodynamical and anthropogenic processes taking place in Kakheti, were presented at the conferences, as well as the preventive measures to be conducted urgently.