Cartography and GIS Laboratory



Tamar Chichinadze, Alexander Javakhishvili, Guliza Liparteliani, Nato Sologhashvili (from the left to the right)



1. Alexander Javakhishvili – Head of the Laboratory

2. David Kartvelishvili – Senior Researcher

3. Guliza Liparteliani – Senior Researcher

4. Tamar Chichinadze – Researcher

5. Khatuna Tsiklauri – Laboratorian

6. Mikheil Khabazishvili – Laboratorian

7. Tamar Tskhakaia – Laboratorian


The scientific research directions of the Laboratory are as follows:

• Creation of corresponding data bases and information systems of geographical objects, phenomena, processes and objects of cultural heritage.

• Compilation of maps of different scales and different topics for Georgia and its individual parts.

• Preparation of atlases, maps and reference books on different topics.

Department of Cartography actively participated in the Institute’s scientific - research activities. During the process of development of the scientific subject “the physical-geographical and economic - geographical description of the regions of Georgia" 72 special maps of different scales were created for western Georgia and Adjara region. At the same period the maps of climate, physical-geography, economic - geography, geomorphology of Georgia were prepared. Manual of Cartography was published in Georgian language (S. Tskhakaia). In 1945-1949 the cartographic heritage of Vakhushti Bagrationi was studied (Al. Javakhishvili, S. Tskhakaia, I. Matureli, L. Maruashvili). During these years under the leading of Al. Javakhishvili and S. Tskhakaia the great work was carried out for creation of complex - geographic Atlas. Lots of maps of special content for the whole territory of the country were created (Al. Javakhishvili, S. Tskhakaia, I. Matureli, I. Pavliashvili, etc.); the Physical Map of Georgian SSR of 1: 1000000 scales was published in Russian and Georgian languages (1958).


In 1949-1955 were conducted the researches in the theory of cartographic generalization of the relief; a new method of building block diagrams, general methodology of thematic mapping was developed; in terms of cartography the historical materials of the 16th century were studied, by which the territorial size was identified as well as peculiarities of population settlement; the retrospective mapping was conducted (A. Aslanikashvili). The monograph “The Materials of Georgian Cartography” (I. Matureli) was published.


Under the direct participation and leadership of Al. Javakhishvili the paper of scientific and practical importance on classification of the relief by types and forms of a scale of 1:200 000 was done for the legend of the Geomorphological Map of Georgia.  In 1957 based on this paper the Institute of Geography together with the employees of the Chair of Geomorphology of the Tbilisi State University the 1:200000 scale Map of Geomorphology of Georgia was launched on.


Since 1960s the research directions of the Department are as follows: development of the cartographical methods of the social - economic phenomena of the mountainous countries; creation of the common geographical and thematic maps of the mountainous countries; designing, compilation and editing of the branch and complex-geographical atlases; development of general theoretical issues of the cartographical sciences. Monographs of A. Aslanikashvili “Cartography, problems of General Theory” and “Metacartography" (1968, 1974) are devoted to the theories of a general cartography. A new method of mapping of the economics and population of mountainous countries has been developed. In 2004 a handbook on “The territories and Settlements of Georgia” was published (J. Kekelia, T. Tskhakaia, and M. Khabazishvili).


By participation of the employees of the Department the following works have been done: "Atlas of Georgian SSR" (1964), “National Atlas of Cuba” (1970), “Tourist Atlas of the Caucasus” (1989), "Study - Geographical Atlas of Georgia" (1992), "Atlas of Vakhushti Bagrationi" (1997). Together with the I. Koniashvili Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy of Georgia "The Resorts and the Resort Resources of Georgian SSR" (1989) was prepared and published. During 2007-2009 by participation of the employees of the Department a National Atlas of Georgia was prepared.


 At different times the Department of Cartography were led by: S. Tskhakaia - until 1957; A. Aslanikashvili, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, the State Prize Laureate (1971) - during 1957-1981; R. Chekurishvili, Ph.D. in Geography, Assistant Professor - during1981-1989; I. Kartvelishvili - during 1989 - 1996; J. Kekelia, Doctor of Geographical Sciences - during 1996-2006.


During 2006-2009 the structural unit of Cartography was included into the Department of Geomorphology-Geoecology and Cartography-Geoinformatics as a Group of Geographical Information Systems (GISs). In 2009 the Cartography and GIS Laboratory was established. During the period of 2006-2012 the structural unit was led by Alexander Javakhishvili, the Academic Doctor of Geography.